Let's sell knowledge and skills for digital art production

Digital art sharing service NEORT released "Product Selling Feature". This is the new feature for creators to sell their knowledge and skills which got in an artwork production as "Product" to others.

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Product Selling Feature

You can sell digital data from 3 types of format "Document", "Asset" and "Movie".


Write a technical document

Let's share your learnings or devised point in a production process by text. Markdown format is supported.


Upload project file or video material

You can sell any kind of data by uploading as zip format.


Also tutorial movie or UHD movie

You can sell movie of production process or high resolution UHD movie.

Sell by 3 steps

Create artwork

Let's create artwork first. HTML/CSS/Javascript, Movie, GLSL are supported.

Select product

Select product type from "Document", "Asset" and "Movie".

Edit and publish

When writing a document or uploading files finished, finally publish it. You will receive an email if the product was purchased.


Make a place where "expression" and "knowledge" gather with everyone beyond the border of tools or technologies

NEORT is a place to connect with creators who use a variety of tools by visual expression. This time, "Product Selling Feature" made NEORT the place where also knowledge gather. Let's make a new place where all creators can share their knowledge and create new expressions.

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